Focus tweezers in stainless steel 113259


Focus Made in Italy tweezers with oblique tips, sterilizable.



Made with particularly light and resistant 304 anti-magnetic stainless steel Made in Italy.

A normal common steel tweezer tends to create a magnetic field in the presence of hair, thus making the removal complicated since they all straighten; ours in antimagnetic steel avoids this inconvenience and facilitates the removal of the hair and accelerates the times for a professional hair removal.

The tips are ground by hand ensuring maximum finish and precision. The internal part is rectified so that the planes match perfectly and allow an optimal grip of the hair avoiding breaking it.

The help of the most advanced machinery and the skill of our most specialized workers guarantee a top-of-the-range production from the first to the last piece produced, without distinction. Compared to the average, our tweezers weigh 20% less than the competition thanks to the precious and light material with which it is produced, granting great comfort and softness during use.

Always be wary of tweezers on the market offered at a low or too low price, this is the main symptom that indicates poor quality and origin from countries that produce for quantity rather than quality.

An apparently simple product, in reality, 33 processes are required to make professional quality tweezers, starting from the raw material in ribbon up to the finished product.

For the success of the product we rely on top quality materials, using 304 stainless steel, an essential guarantee for the qualities of elasticity and hardness, all supported by the most sophisticated and Hi-Tech production techniques with the complicity and mastery of expert hands.